El Paso Bugs


Termites cause more than 2 billion dollars in damage in the United States each year.

Extremely destruction but with today’s Eco Friendly Treatments they can be controlled. Subterranean termites are the termite of choice here in the El paso area. They live underground and come up for food which is often your house. They love to burrow in and eat wood framing. Most of the time you never know you have termites until the damage becomes visible. By that time they have caused significant damage to your home. Termite Inspections conducted by Integrity Property Inspections and Termite Treatment conducted by Integrity Pest and Termite is a very affordable option.

Integrity Pest and Termite guarantees all termite treatments. Call for details. Whether you need a full or limited termite treatment. Most treatments quotes can be provide by phone.

Bed Bugs

Just as their name suggest they typically live in your bed. They are usually active at night until just before dawn. Most of their feeding is done within an hour of the sunrise. Feeding usually for about five minutes, then returning to its hiding spot. Bedbugs can live up to eighteen months without feeding. What do the feed on? Well they bit you. If you have Bed Bugs you will need to get this treated ASAP.

Integrity Pest and Termite uses utilize vacuums, liquid pesticides, fogging pesticides and dust insecticide to control bedbug infestations. Depending on the level of infestation one, two or often all of these techniques will be used to battle the bugs. At least two treatments will be required. Occupant preparation is the key to quick and effective control.


Not many people like spiders. Although most are harmless but who has time to tell. Black Widows and Brown Recluse are common in this areas both of which bite and can have serious health effects.

Spiders can easily be controlled with either an exterior and/or interior treatment depending on your needs.

For long term control an every other month or quarterly treatments will be needed.


Getting bit by a scorpion is absolutely no fun. Kind of like a Wasp sting but worse. Some people are allergic to them and can have serious health issues due to the sting. Here in the South West there are many types all bite. If left uncheck they can infest any house.

Scorpions are easy to kill if you understand their biology and their habits. But if you don’t, then trying to do it on your own will be difficult. Call Integrity Pest and Termite and we will more than happy to help rid your home of scorpions.


Ants do cause damage in addition to stinging you and eating your food. Nobody want ants in their house. In addition, if you have ants there is very good possibility you also have termites. Don’t underestimate seeing one or two ants. If you see one there are most likely thousands near by in your home or yard.

Integrity Pest and Termite treats ants by interior and exterior treatments and recommend periodic monthly pest control.

Rodents / Mice / Rats

All rodents want to eat your food. Especially prevalent in the colder months they come inside to scavenge for food. Your food!! They can also be destructive by building their nest inside your walls, furnace or bed. They usually build these nest out of your stuff like electrical lines, insulation and clothing. Like ants there are usually more if you just see one. They breed fast and multiply. If that is not enough they also carry diseases that you do not want.

Treatment includes setting traps, rodenticides and sealing potential voids in your home where they are gaining access.

Cockroaches / Cucarachas

You absolutely do not want a Cockroach infestation. First sign of any cockroach should be dealt with immediately. They carry disease and are generally disgusting to have around your home. They will feed on your food and live in all areas of your home.

Integrity Pest and Termite will treat all areas of your home interior and exterior with bait and insecticide. Numerous treatments could be required to bring under control.

Pigeons / Birds

I love birds and they look as cute as a bug in a rug when on your roof cooing.. Believe me, what you can not see if the destruction they are causing to your roofing system. Nesting and Bird droppings will destroy your roof which is the most important system in your home. Voids in your roof cause by bird damage can lead to water intrusion and further damage. In addition, they carry with them diseases.

Bird remediation is a technical matter and should only be conducted by a expert. Integrity Pest and Termite has unique and effective ways to control bird infestation that will rid you of the birds and keep them away.

Ticks / Fleas

If you have dogs / cats you will most likely experience a tick and flea problem. Both ticks and fleas will live on your pets and in our home. They will also live on you and can cause serious disease and health effects for you and your family. They multiply very fast and at the first sign should be treated immediately.

Ticks are just no good. They can enter your home riding in pet fur, hidden in furniture, and even on grass stain-covered kids. We know ticks and we know how to get rid of them for good. Our approach is tried and tested, not to mention guaranteed. Ready to stop getting bit?

Integrity Pest and Termite has the eco friendly pesticides and treatments to control ticks and fleas.

Integrity Pest Control is your local source of fast, effective, and affordable pest control services. Call (915) 900-6788 or get in touch with us online today! 

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